The Annapolis Design District is run by a board of volunteers from member businesses. The board consists of the chairs of the committees listed below, and the following officers:

Jessica White
Linda Oliff Rohleder
Grace Drupals
Rita Siprak-Weill
Past President
Mark White

To advance our goals, the Annapolis Design District has established five working committees.Our hope is that every member will be involved in at least one of the committees. It is an excellent way to get to know the other members while advancing the success of the District. Below are the five committees and some of the key members:

Marketing and Promotion – To promote member businesses and the District through cooperative marketing, business development and public relations; Robert Haywood­
Robert@annapolishomemag.com; Ellen Kinsella- ellenkinsella@gmail.com

Membership – To attract a diverse mix of design, showroom, arts, and other innovative businesses to the District; Mark White- mark@kitchenencounters.biz; Kimberly Goodson- kgoodson@calclosets.com

Special Events – To foster creativity and collaboration among members through sponsoring special events which are interesting, educational, and fun; CHAIRS- Mandy Simpson­
asimpson@essexbank.com (opportunities for participation on subcommittees; inquire for more info)

Streetscape Beautification – to improve the District’s appearance by encouraging better streetscape and landscape design to make the neighborhood a more distinctive and attractive place to work, shop and live; AJ Eckert- AEckert@cbmove.com; Missy Jones- mjones@arch-gardens.com

Governmental Advocacy – To advocate and be an effective government liaison on political, regulatory and economic development issues that impact members, the district, and the surrounding communities; CHAiR – Rita Siprak -Weill – rita@minutemanpress.com

Please review and contact the appropriate persons of one or more of the committees that might be of interest to you. Committee members are more than happy to answer any questions as well as give you the schedule of future meetings and events.